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Compare this to the ADHD and natural medicine approach.Brain Pill Review First of all, natural remedies have no side effects. Since they do take a few weeks to build up in the system, you do need to give them time to work. But they work not by suppressing symptoms and numbing the brain, but by giving the brain the nutrition it needs to start functioning better. The herbs in these formulations soothe jangled nerves, calm hyperactivity, reduce aggression and impulsivity and lead to a state of calm alertness, so they child can pay attention, listen, learn and stay on task.

These remedies will not interact negatively with other drugs, so you can use them while weaning your child off prescription medications, but do consult your doctor about how best to taper off the drug. Obviously, there are no concerns about long term use, but since they work by giving your child much-needed nutrients, eventually, your child may be able to stop taking them.

Of course, it's important to know what to look for in a good natural remedy. First, find one that has been FDA-approved and backed by clinical studies. Next, look for a proven formulation that contains these important herbs: Tuberculinum, Verta Alb, Arsen Iod and Hyoscyamus. These herbs have been shown to improve focus, calm the mind and body and reduce agitation and other negative behaviors, while healing the brain, which is the goal of ADHD and natural medicine.

No matter which treatment option you choose for your child, make sure to provide a healthy diet. Children need good food to grow and develop properly. Focus on whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruit in season. Protein should be lean and comprised primarily of fish, poultry, meat, nuts and beans. Stay away from sodas and processed foods as much as possible. As long as you're feeding your child a healthy diet, the occasional sweet treat won't hurt, but you can even make this healthy, for instance, serving a bowl of berries with fresh whipped cream.

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