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There are new products on the market that ActivGuard Review can keep the skin dry and still close to a liter of urine. Wellness Briefs claim astronaut technology. Saves money in the long run, but the brief stays on longer. Longer brief times may allow bacteria the chance to grow unless closely monitored and treated. Barrier creams for almost all incontinent persons is highly recommended. Light cleansing with baby wipes before application is a must. The barrier cream should be applied with special attention in the groin grooves as well as between the buttocks and perineal area. 

This type of skin care is a must and needs to be monitored with increased importance with the diabetic person. The diabetic person will often excrete sugar in the urine and rapidly promote either skin infection or groin rashes. Knowing hourly outputs, which time frame will put out what amount of urine, will help the person and the care giver to allow for a cleaner and drier person. It will also reduce costs. Applying a washable bed-pad at night will help reduce costs, but doesn't necessarily keep the person dry. 

Managing incontinence of urine in the elderly is an ongoing assessment with a focus on volume, time, urine quality and cleanliness.Fecal incontinence in the elderly is much less seen, but not uncommon. The treatment and management of cleanliness and control is not unlike urine incontinence, however, constipation is not an uncommon side effect seen when managing fecal incontinence. If that sounds confusing it means liquid stool may appear to be fecal incontinence but in fact is liquid stool being leaked around impacted stool. 

This problem should be approached by experienced personnel. Most elderly people are very bowel elimination conscious and will have a wide assortment of treatments for their bowel elimination routine. Most elderly persons are less active and will have altered bowel patterns that hopefully they themselves have had some success managing. The altered mentally aware person will need one to one assessment over several days to make an accurate assessment. The regularity of the bowels is highly variable dependent on activity, medications, oral intake, and prior exposure to laxatives.

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