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Why go Ice Fishing in Canada

Yes, Canada is a diverse nation, with a grand mixture of culture and yaddayadda yadda we get so sick of hearing about our diverseness and culturalmixture. We are Canadians, no matter where we came from. The only real Canadiansare the Inuit peoples, the Eskimo and maybe the Indians, the rest of us are alleither immigrants or bred from immigrant stock. But, we love to fish, how canyou not when you live in the world's second largest country, with more freshwater lakes just chock full of trout, walleye, bass and hundreds of other fishspecies?

Most of the best ice fishing destinations in Canada lie in either Quebec orOntario, home to over threequarters of Canada's fresh water lakes and rivers.Ontario's "Cottage Country", home to hundreds of thousands of cottages that dotthe shores of some of the most beautiful lakes in the world is one of the mostsoughtafter ice fishing destinations. From the Big Rideau Lake, which is fed bythe Rideau River, part of the Rideau Canal's drive from Ottawa to the SaintLawrence River, you can snowmobile or drive ATVs to hundreds of other lakes, andpick and choose your ice fishing locations.

There are many lakes in Ontario and Quebec which are regulated by theMinistry of Fisheries and Oceans. Many of these lakes are found in ZECs, or ZoneEconomique Controllee (Controlled Economic Zones), which open just ten percentof the lakes yearly. That gives the fish in each lake a ten year break fromfishing, allowing the stocks to grow, as well as the fish themselves. Manytrophies are taken out of these controlled areas, and many fishermen have sorearms from catching fish with almost every cast in these ice fishermen's dreamlocations. Extra licenses are required, and catch limits are strictly governed,and most lakes are dedicated to just one species of fish, mostly trout, walleyeand bass.

Pick any river that flows through the true North, strong and free, and youwill have some serious ice fishing on your hands. Any river that flows into orout of the Great Slave or Great Bear Lakes is a fisherman's dream. Fishing onthese great, deep and unforgiving lakes is hazardous and not recommended for theuninitiated, as currents are rather tricky, and there are many places where theice thins to a much too thin level for the weight of a vehicle, or a hut and afew heavy fishermen.

When the winter months arrive, any lake or river in the mid or southernreaches of Canada will produce catches of lively, tasty fish. Just make surethat the species that you fish for, and the species of fish that you keep are inseason, and that you do not keep more than you are legally entitled to. TheMinistry of Fishes and Oceans is the department that oversees the regulations onfishermen, and getting caught breaking any of the rules can end up with finesand or prison time.

So, be careful out there, use only the species of minnow for the fish thatyou are fishing for, and follow the rules and guidelines as set out in thepamphlets you are given when you buy your "Outdoorsmen Cards" (previously knownas a fishing license, but they have your picture on them and are more likecredit cards now).

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