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If you are one who use BedBug Guardian your time to continuously increase your wealth intelligence by attending the right seminars, reading the right books, allocating time to manage your cashflow the right way, the chances of you being rich is very likely. However, if you spend your precious time doing other meaningless things, it's a waste of time. Also, if you spend money on things that are harmful or detrimental; be it for your physical or mental; that is a waste of money. For example, if you know that smoking is harmful to you and your loved ones, yet you spend RM10 every day on cigarette, that is an obvious waste of money. The Pareto Principle Vilfredo Pareto was an Italian economist who made a discovery about 100 years ago. He observed that 20% of the Italian people owned 80% of their country's accumulated wealth. He suggested that principle is at work that applies to money, people and time. Some people call it the 80/20 principle. This principle teaches us that when you practice the right priorities, 20% of the effort gets you 80% of your desired results. 20% of your habit contributes to 80% of your wealth Think about it, if you drink coffee every morning and that costs you RM2 every single day. Just by bringing coffee from home and stop buying them outside, you will potentially save RM60 a month which equivalent to RM720 per year. Imagine saving RM720 per year and investing it at 10% interest rate per year for 30 years, you will potentially have extra RM118, 435.70 for your retirement.

20% of the people owns 80% of the money in the world If 100% of the people have the same 86, 400 seconds every single day, what sets the 20% apart from the 80%? It is obvious that they have the same strategy of managing 86, 400 seconds every single day. Therefore start increasing your wealth intelligence by focusing your time and energy to learn the success blueprints of the 20%. In the last 20 years the business process outsourcing industry has been growing rapidly. During the mid 1990's many companies began to realise that they could cut their costs and improve their services by outsourcing some of their non specific services to specialist outsourcing companies.The increased need for these specialist outsourcing companies led to many new companies starting up. Now, the industry is packed with business process outsourcing companies all competing to offer their customers with the best possible value.As a result of this boom, and the competition that it sparked, business process outsourcing is not longer a simple process. The best business process outsourcing companies these days offer advanced analytical services applied across multiple sectors and industries.

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