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Second, start eating healthy and The Lean Belly Secret watch the calories. Eat the low calorie versions instead of the fatty ones. When I first wanted to lose weight after my first born, I asked my doctor what I should do. He replied, "Eat meats, fruits and vegetables." Notice that he left out the bread and pasta group. That is because our fruits and vegetables have the carbohydrates in them that we need. Not to say that we couldn't have a little bit of bread or pasta once in a while.Third, be kind to yourself. We all have our bad days when we go off of our "diet". To avoid these days, plan a cheat day or two. That way if you are craving something, by all means eat it, just in moderation.Fourth, drink plenty of water. Soda, coffee and alcohol (any caffeinated drinks) dehydrate you. For example, if you consume 1 drop of soda you would need to consume 2 drops of water to stay hydrated. You should consume half of your weight in ounces of water. If you weight 200 pounds then drink 100 ounces of plain water. Fifth, exercise. That does not mean you need to go to the gym and spend hours, just get off the couch (or comfy chair) and start moving around. Go for a walk around the block or do floor exercises while watching TV. The objective is to move! And Sixth is to cleanse your body of toxins. This step is actually the first step you should do. Many diets today tell you to do this, why? Because our digestive tract can be full of unwanted plaque, worms and digestive parasites which block our natural absorption of foods, so fat accumulates in our tissues making us "fat". Once you cleanse your digestive tract you will lose weight and your bowels will be running normal.

One of the major challenge that fast weight lose diet has is because they are not sustainable and most of them fail to help you stay healthy. Most people that has participated in any of this program always go back to their old habit and end up worse than they were before they start the program. What most of these fast weight lose diet does is that they only provide deficiency in one or two of vital macro nutrients in the body and it can be very hard to stay on this type of diets. A diet that lacks vital nutrients will only cause more problems for the body. The purpose of this article is to help you see the importance of staying with vital nutrients while you are trying to lose weight and also to help you see that you can also stay healthy at the same time. Calorie controlled diets: The beauty of this type of diet is that it helps you to eat the kind of food that you would eat normally before you start dieting but in a controlled manner. You don't even have to stop amount of you eat daily if you are the type that is given to appetite. For example when you eat proteins you eat lean proteins because we know some protein contain bad fats that your body doesn't need at all. You also eat less fat but healthier fat that will sustain your body and make you stay healthy. You can also eat carbohydrates that will give you sustained energy enough to keep you strong throughout the day. You can also take skimmed milk in place of unhealthy milk that will increase your pounds.

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