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List the times when you feel angry BedBug Guardian or upset automatically. What persons, thoughts, memories or situations bring this up? For now, just notice and write it down. As you go through the day, when another flash of anger strikes, step back and write it down as well. Rather than reacting blindly, you are stepping back and taking time to just look. Sometimes we believe accomplishments have to be big flourishes of activity the whole world notices. If your boss in cubicle world doesn't pat you on the back or if you haven't told everyone within ten feet how you wrote three technical documents yesterday, your professional existence is not validated. If no one notices, it doesn't count. Our fast-paced results-based society encourages the belief that what you do or produce is more important than what you are. I say you you must occasionally stop thinking about results if you want to get results.

Wait, stop thinking about results to get results? That makes no sense. I say it makes perfect sense! Not forever, just for a day here and there. My ex husband used to call me queen of the to-do lists from hell. I made lists a mile long of all the things I expected to accomplish in a day. Then I'd go grocery shopping or fix the toilet (not on the list) and berate myself endlessly for all the stuff I DIDN'T accomplish. Sound familiar? I suspect this is a common woe of the creative entrepreneurial mind. Luckily, we can learn to live with this way of thinking. Note: I didn't say "fix this way of thinking" because the word fix implies there's something wrong with it and I know there's nothing wrong with your active, imaginative, entrepreneurial mind. Start with a baby step. I committed to a 20 minute walk outdoors. I couldn't handle a week-long commitment, so I am making a day-by-day commitment. There, a one day commitment to a walk felt like something I could easily do. I crossed "walk" off my to-do list yesterday. I told myself, "Self, I am healthy and fit!" Note: I do not say "I will be healthy and fit." Affirmations should always be stated in the present tense in order for your unconscious mind to believe them. That one to-be item supports all the other things I want on my to-do list.

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