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When you create the offshore Ecom Cash Code Review trust you designate the trustees, settlors and beneficiaries. The trustee you appoint must be licensed in Nevis. Nevis does background checks before licensing a trustee and regularly audits its trustees and if you are unhappy with a trustee you can replace him. Nevis trustees are bonded protecting you if funds do come up missing. You can control your investments yourself or you can legally bind your trustee to invest under your direction. Nevis trusts are very flexible. You can name yourself as the sole beneficiary of the trust creating a self-settled trust or you can designate anyone else as a beneficiary or you can establish multiple beneficiaries. Nevis is one of only a few jurisdictions that have strong laws providing asset protection and are politically stable. Advantages of an Offshore or Foreign Asset Protection Trust Bank and brokerage accounts kept in offshore trusts are out of the reach of creditors. Nevis does not recognize judgments of a foreign country, such as the United States. Litigation must be initiated in Nevis to reach the assets. In Nevis a creditor must post a $25,000 cash deposit to bring the suit against a Nevis trust.

Many combine a Nevis limited liability corporation (LLC) and a foreign trust to manage their assets. The LLC holds the assets and is wholly owned by the trust. A US resident can be the manager of the Nevis LLC and the manager has total legal control over the LLC and the bank accounts. This arrangement allows you to control and have access to the assets without owning any of them outright. Nevis trust laws have no perpetuities period and are written to benefit multi-generation treatment, making a Nevis trust a perfect part of an estate plan. Nevis trust laws are also favorable for charitable trust creation. And a Nevis trust can maintain control of present and future ownership providing estate tax and probate cost savings. The Island of Nevis Government and Currency A British colony until 1983, Nevis is now part of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. The Federation has a stable, democratic government based on the British Parliamentary System. The Federation's national language is English and the economy is stable. Its currency is the East Caribbean dollar (EC). The EC is issued by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) which also establishes monetary policy for its member nations and regulates and supervises the member's banks. There are no currency exchange controls and the U.S. dollar is readily accepted. Nevis is easily accessible from North America and Europe by plane and has a state of the art fiber optic communication system making the management of your offshore assets a relatively simple task.

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