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How To Spray Paint a Chandelier People like to put chandeliers in their homesboth as a functional piece, and ornament. Their classy appearance, with all the decorations andaccessories made of glass and metal can make you feel like you're living in amansion or a palace. But chandeliers are expensive fixtures. Buying a brand newchandelier isn't exactly the smartest idea when one is in the middle of arecession.

Do you have an old chandelier? If you do, you can give it a nice new look byrepainting it. This will save this expensive fixture from being set aside inyour attic to gather dust and cobwebs. If you don't have an old chandelier, youcan buy one secondhand and do the same. You can spray it with traditional paint.But you can also try spray painting it for your convenience. Here are some wayshow to spray paint a chandelier.

Secure your chandelier. If you decide to buy a secondhand chandelier, be sureto ask for a user's manual. This will help you if ever you have somedifficulties in installing the chandelier. If you are using your old chandelier,be sure to unplug it first before doing repairs. Be sure to remove accessoriesthat are not included in the spraying process. Set these aside in a place thatcannot be reached by children so that no part will be lost and that you will notworry about accidents.

Secure a spray gun. It is best to spray a chandelier with metallic shades sothat it will look shiny and new. This could be copper, bronze, gold or silvershades. Make sure that the color of the spray will match the place that you wantto place it. You can also spray with a solid color, if you want it to lookunique. This will attract attention from your visitors.

Protect yourself. Use old or work clothes during your painting sessions. Alsocover your face and mouth with a mask so that you will not inhale the fumes fromthe spray. Use goggles to protect your eyes.

Look for a place to spray. It is best valentino handbag for youto hang your chandelier while spraying. This will ensure that you will not missany part of the chandelier that you want to spray on. You can hang it somewherein your garage or outside, whether on a post or a branch of a tree. Be sure toplace newspapers or a drop cloth below the area where you will spray so that youwill not leave the place leaving spray marks behind.

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