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Whena patient uses Duvanta for treatment, it helps to reduce nerve inflammation andspasm which are usually caused by diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Since Duvantacontains components that are particularly effective at combating inflammationand swelling, it has been used as an alternative therapy to manage diabeticperipheral neuropathy. Therefore, some experts believe that Duvanta can also beused as a treatment for neuropathic pain associated with urinary incontinence.

Like many of the over-the-counter supplements, there can be some interactionswith certain medications including some antibiotics, nitroglycerin, andRisperdal. If you know that you are currently taking any medications thatcontain serotonin syndrome, diuretics, NSAIDs, MAOIs, beta-blockers, or anyother medications that control serotonin activity, it is important to avoid theuse of Duvanta together with these medications. This includes all medicationsin the serotonin syndrome family, namely aldosterone, entactogens,antidepressants, tricyclics, tetracyclic, MAOIs, norepinephrine, and MAOIs. Ifyou notice that your dosage of Duvanta isreduced when combined with certain medications, speak with your doctor todetermine whether there is a problem or if you are just having a temporarychange in the way that you are taking the supplement.

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