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 Their eyes are so mysterious looking that I just feel like I am falling deep within their being as I look into their eyes.Cats eyes can give you signs of their current mood by the size of their pupil. When the cats eyes are open and the pupil becomes large Luis Neto World Cup Jersey , the cat can be very excited or frightened.  I have watched Luis Neto Portugal Jersey , on many occasions, Tiggy go from being in a peaceful mood to being very angry and seeing it in her eyes. The nice calm look of her pupil as it is large turning into a very narrow slit just as she becomes irritated. Her irritation is usually the direct response from one of Coopers momentary agitations. He really loves to get her going, and when I watch him I can see his excitement has his pupils get larger.The pupils also change in size by the amount of sunlight that enters the eye. When the sun is bright and shining directly into the cats eyes Luis Neto Jersey , their pupils will become narrow. The brighter the sunlight, the narrower their pupils will become; appearing to be the size of pinpricks. The opposite happens when there is little or no sunlight. Their pupils become large and sometimes almost spherical to allow as much of the available light to enter.Both pupils will simultaneously be the same size at all times. When one becomes a different size it is an indication of an eye condition that can range from mild to serious. It would be good to seek medical attention to be sure that it is not serious. When the cats eye color changes it could also be an indication of a disease and should be consulted by a veterinarian.Another interesting part of the cats eyes is the color. Most cats have eye colors that range from gold to greenish-yellow. I find it fascinating to look at the colors in my cats eyes. I also find it odd that of the four cats that I have owned, the ones related to each other Luis Figo World Cup Jersey , have had totally different eye color from each other.  I think that it would be interesting if we were able to look through the eyes of a cat and see exactly what they see. It would give me a different viewpoint on what I look at everyday. Did you know that your cat is not color blind? They can see colors Luis Figo Portugal Jersey , just not the same colors that we see. Cats can see green and blue but not red.
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