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I am a 28 years old Muslim. Until the age of 22, I was notable to read Quran. It was not because I did not want to learn but because I was too busy in college. As a Muslim, I always felt the need to learn Quran but my other priorities kept me from doing so. One day I was talking to one of my friends and he told me that he was learning Quran online. In fact, he recited a few verses from the Quran and his recitation was quite good. I became interested and inquired more about it. The more he told me about it, the more I was fascinated. It sounded convenient, interesting, and less costly. I felt it from his excitement. In the end, he strongly suggested that I too should learn Quran online.

The most tempting thing about this idea was that I could take classes anytime and anywhere I wanted and this was exactly the reason I was still not able to read Quran. So I decided to give it a shot. I registered with an online Quran academy that assigned me a very good Quran tutor. I continued for over a year and now with the grace of Allah, I can read Quran with proper Tajweed and Tarteel (fluency). I would like to share my experience and highlight a few points that will help all those who want to learn Quran online with Tajweed like I did.

It provides incredible ease

Like I mentioned above, the only thing that prevented me to learn Quran till the age of 22 was that I found it difficult to go to mosques or other Islamic centers due to the shortage of time. The idea to learn Quran online with Tajweed perfectly solved this hindrance. It allowed me to do my Quran classes at home and that too at my own convenient schedule. I requested my tutor to schedule my classes in the morning which was a perfect time for me and he did. So I was able to learn Quran without disturbing my college hours or assignments. I found online Quran classes great in terms of convenience and flexibility.

More effective than offline classes

I had heard that online classes are not effective as they lacked interaction and personal connectivity. My experience of online Quran learning proved it wrong. I found it as effective (if not more) as traditional classes. They are engaging and interactive. I could see the tutor, his body language and expressions just as in a physical classroom. He would use the whiteboard with different drawing tools and pointers so there was no problem whatsoever in reading or listening. There was also no language barrier. I could ask questions and he gave me lessons to practice. I found the classes so useful and enjoyable that I would wait for them.

Variety of courses

You are not limited to one course when you choose to learn Quran online with Tajweed. There are a variety of courses and you are free to enroll for any of them depending upon your level, needs or just personal interests. For example, if you are more interested in learning the Quran with meanings and interpretation, you can go for a Quran Tafseer (translation &interpretation) course. If you just want to learn how to read the Quran with Tajweed, you can do so. Similarly, if you are already fluent in your recitation and have a good grasp on Tajweed too but want to be a Hafiz, you are free to go for this. These options allow you to satisfy your specific learning needs.

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Professional Surveyor Boards » Education » What I learned from my “Learn Quran Online with Tajweed” experience?

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