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cenforce 100 Tablet for EDTreatment is a male enhancement product commonly recommended by physicians. Thetablet is a generic version of Viagra (sildenafil). Viagra belongs to the classof drugs known as anti-inflammatory or nitroglycerine stimulants. This class ofdrugs affects the cardiovascular system and hence has multiple effects on thecardiovascular and blood vessels. Hence, the tablets are used primarily fortreating high blood pressure and reducing blood cholesterol levels.


Viagra can be used by men ofall ages. However, men taking this medication must have heart problems orcardiovascular conditions like angina to take this medicine. Viagra, when takenin lower doses, can reduce blood pressure in patients with mild heart problems.However, in order to reduce blood cholesterol levels, it should be taken onlyafter counseling from a physician. The dosage of the drug may be increasedafter consulting a physician also.

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Cenforce drug is helpful in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction,pre-ejaculation, and impotence in males.

It has SildenafilCitrate as its active ingredient.Active ingredient refers to the main constituent of the drug responsible forthe reaction of the drug.

Cenforce 100 belongs to the class of PDE5 inhibitors, which means Sildenafil Citratedoesn’t let PDE5 function because PDE5 is responsible for the penis to lose itserection.

After usingthis drug, the erection will last even after the intercourse. This will inviteyou to go for the second round of enjoyment.

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Cenforce 150 has to date erected many penises and helpedachieve orgasm for many couples, leading to a happy married life.

It is such aknown drug that it is available in almost all the local stores, and if youprefer privacy then, it is also available on online pharmaceutical sites.

Cenforce 200 is morecon tradictory to be obtained with nitrate Medications due to acutehypotension.

Consumingalcohol with Cenforce may lead to aggravation of unwanted Consequences;therefore this ought to be prevented.

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Tadalista 60 mg is a new term in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It starts working in 5-7 minutes to achieve a successful erection. Erectile dysfunction medication is known for its multiple and long lasting effects such as erectile dysfunction.


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