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Bubble Shooter was formerly knownas Puzzle Bobble 2, produced in 1995 by game creator Taito Corporation. Theattraction of this game lasted and in 2001 it was raised to a new level andnamed Bubble Shooter.

How to play this game isextremely easy, you just touch and hold your finger to adjust. Aim to shootbubbles of the same color towards each other. It takes a minimum of 3 balls totouch each other to break them and score points. If you have ever played thepopular dinosaur egg game, this game is similar to how to play.

Maybe many people will think thatold games will gradually lose their place and are no longer relevant with time.However, that is not entirely true, it can be seen that the bubble shooter gameafter many years of launch still receives the love of players. Let's learn howto play a bubble shooter game to get a high score in the article below.

Because this is a game for allages, children can also play, then surely the gameplay will be extremely easy.You just need to know how to press the fire button and distinguish the colors,besides you also need to have logical thinking, careful calculation whenperforming bubble attacks.

Your task when playing the bubbleshooter game is to destroy all the bubbles by shooting at clusters of bubblesof the same color to make them fall. Usually, the player can only consume 3 to4 bubbles at a time, but there are still cases where you can shoot a cluster ora chain related to each other.

When playing you find the bubbleposition to aim and need to aim where there are at least two bubbles of thesame color as the bubble you aim. The ultimate goal of this game is to shootdown all the bubbles on the screen.

If you do not shoot bubbles ofthe same color together to destroy it, gradually the bubbles on the screen aremore and more. When those bubbles fill the game screen, you will lose, so youneed to calculate carefully before shooting a hot ball so that it is reasonable.

This game has no time limit, soplayers can take advantage of this to be able to come up with options andchoose the most optimal plan to destroy the exact target.

During the game, there will beunexpected situations such as appear 2 clusters of balls and you do not knowwhich one to destroy first. At this time, you need to consider carefully, payattention to what the next ball is to calculate accordingly.

Playing a bubble shooter game isnot difficult, however, getting an impressive score is not simple and easy. So,how to get the most impressive score in the ball shooting game? You shouldchoose areas of the same color and a large number of balls to shoot. This willhelp you score more points than shooting each group of balls 3 times at a time.During the shooting process, there will be rays that will help you see thedirection of the ball. That's why you should take advantage of this to alignthe shooting angle to the most accurate as well as ensure the most accuracy. Rememberthere is no time limit so think carefully before making a decision, you shouldknow that if your performance is below maximum your satisfaction with theresults will also be below maximum.

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