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Consult your washing machine's user guide to find out how to remove the tray (s). Most have a safety latch but it can be removed easily. If the tray has inserts for bleaching and fabric softener compartments, remove them from the tray to clean them separately.

Rinse the drawer and accessories with hot tap water to remove traces of powder and liquid buildup. If it is specially covered with a buildup of residue, let it soak for 10 minutes in hot water, then rinse. Allow the drawers to air dry.

LG maintenance

Use a small, soft brush to clean the tray opening in the washer. Remove all residue from the upper and lower parts of the recess.

When the drawers and accessories are clean, return bleach and fabric softener to their appropriate compartments. Replace the dispenser tray and run a short cycle such as the pre-wash cycle without any drum washing to flush the system completely.

Clean the outside of the washing machine
As part of your ongoing routine, wipe down the top and sides of the washing machine weekly or after each washing session. Often times, all you need to do is just wipe with a damp cloth. When necessary, clean the exterior surfaces with warm water mixed with a mild soap. Never use harsh, harsh, or abrasive cleaners on enameled surfaces.

If the door or console becomes stained, or if there is a growth of mildew, clean with chlorine bleach diluted 1/4 cup in a quart of water and rinse several times with clear water.
You can remove any glue residue from tape or stickers with a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent.
Never store or place laundry products on top of the washing machine at any time. Spills can damage the finish or electronic controls.
Someone cleaning the outside of the washing machine

Keep a clean space
Keeping the washing machine clean will prevent unpleasant odors and make the machine run better.
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