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Another possible cause of a leak on the back of the washer is loose contact in the filling hoses. Turn off the water supply, remove hoses, and check that the rubber washers are in good condition or if they are there. Skipping rubber washers is common and can cause leaks. If there is still a leak after replacing the connections and manually tightening them; Replace packing hoses. There may be a punch-hole leak that will soon burst into flood floor.

Kiriazi maintenance

Leakage under the washer
A leak under the washing machine indicates a hole in the water pump. It must be replaced immediately to prevent water from falling directly onto the engine. Water + engine = malfunction. If you come handy, you can find a repair manual for your washer model and replacement parts.

Front loading washer leaks
Leak in front of the washer
 If the door lock in a front loading washer is not kept free of dirt and soap, the seal will leak. It is important to clean the gasket weekly and pay close attention to the edges. Inspect the seal and look for holes or trapping elements.
A leak can also occur if the door is not closed properly. Hinges can be loosened and re-adjusted to ensure correct alignment.
Leak in the back of the washing machine:
The same issues can occur in a top loading washer with drain hoses and water inlet hoses with a front loading washer. Follow the tips above to identify and fix leaks.
 The front loading washer can also leak in the rear overflow area due to too much foam. You should always use a front loader cleaner and only use a small amount.
Leakage under the washing machine:
 A front-loading washer has an inner and outer drum. In many washing machines, the outer drum is made into two halves and then joined together. These welds can start to leak and will need to be replaced or repaired.
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