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environment of the electromagnetic field radiation toxins to reduce indoor and outdoor pollution, beneficial to human health. Where there are electromagnetic radiation of the TV, computers and microwave ovens and other places placed at the same time put a few pots of cactus is appropriate. As white-collar workers all day to face the computer radiation, so the cactus on the computer next to the most appropriate. 3, the absorption of gas Millennium wood its appearance attractive, as long as it is a little care, it can

grow a long time, and bring high-quality air. In the inhibition of harmful substances in other plants is difficult to compare with the Millennium wood. Leaves and roots can absorb xylene, toluene, trichlorethylene, benzene and formaldehyde, and its decomposition into non-toxic substances. Millennium wood is a neutral plant, do not need too much sun, so suitable for planting in the semi-shade. 4, the manufacture of oxygen green radish green radish is the most common indoor oxygen-producing plants, can

effectively absorb formaldehyde and other polluting gases, fresh air helps to help us clear-headed. Green radish need to accept more sunlight, it is generally suitable for the corner on the window, both to create oxygen, and will not hinder our move.Home hygiene cleaning, is not willing to do every woman thing, hard but not Kung Fu. Every day to go home are doing the same live, and sometimes feel the more wiping the more dirty, which need to master the cleaning skills. Every family Xiaobian teach housewives 10

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