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scratch too thick, otherwise it is likely to cause hollowing, cracking, wall inequality. 6. Take into account the temperature of each process environment requirements. Usually the ambient temperature of paint application should not be less than 5 degrees Celsius, varnish application of the ambient temperature shall not be less than 8 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the construction process should be strictly in accordance with the product description of the temperature applied. At the same time, the northern winter and more

sand, be careful not to let the sand fell on the surface of the paint is not dry, in case of windy weather, not oil work, so as not to affect the finish effect. Wall, the top coating to adjust the number of how many, the first day of good paint did not run out, the next day is best not to use. 7. Winter cold and dry, it is necessary to strictly pay attention to safety, waste should be cleaned at any time, wood chips, wood chips and other flammable materials at any time to clean up, paint and other items should be placed in a

balcony and other ventilated place. In the indoor heating, very easily lead to hypoxia, poisoning, etc., and even cause a fire. Also in dusty areas, special attention should be paid to dust explosion in humid areas, but in dry areas, dust (powdered flammable solids) may explode when exposed to a certain concentration. The above points is the home to provide you with the winter decoration of the seven major proposals, it is the accumulation of senior decoration experience, hope to give the winter

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