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Radiant Swift Keto Acorrectly carried out procedure makes it possible in a relatively short time toremove 1-2 kg of total body weight due to the disappearance of internal edema.Movements are performed according to the lymph current: from the tips of thefingers to the center of the body, from the bottom up. They should be undulating,soft, very gentle. Thanks to this technique of the procedure, clients enter astate of complete relaxation, pleasant relaxation. In the fight againstcellulite, lymphatic drainage massage gives excellent results. With cellulite,thin vessels fall into the grip of an expanding adipose tissue, which leads todiscomfort and stagnation. Therapy sessions help to gently normalize theoutflow of lymph. Lymphatic drainage leads to the fact that excess fluid leavesthe body, toxins are eliminated. This has a positive effect on the contours ofthe body - they take on a normal look, and the so-called orange peel issmoothed out. Lymphatic drainage facial massage resembles a classic massage, asit is also carried out along the massage lines. At the same time, during itsexecution there are no vibrational influences and kneading movements, stroking,pressure and rubbing prevail. Such a variety of lymphatic drainage at home ishighly discouraged to conduct independently. The patient should be tackled by aspecialist with a medical education who knows well in theory and practice thelocation of the lymph nodes, the direction of the lymphatic flow and is fluentin the technique of massage. Lymphatic drainage facial massage is carried outwith the same indications as the general for the body: swelling, lymphcongestion. After a course of sessions, complexion improves, dark circles underthe eyes disappear, a lifting effect is noticeable. The procedure promotesincreased hydration and nutrition of the skin due to the normalization of bloodcirculation.

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