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Flexuline Doesit make sense to briefly reduce the dumbbells at the top of the exerciseamplitude, as some bodybuilders advise? This is not always justified, orrather, not justified in most cases. When a person reduces dumbbells so thattheir disks touch each other, not only the pectoral muscles, but also thetrapezius and shoulders are included in the work. Therefore, in the initialstages of the path in fitness, you can not do this. The correct position of theneck will help to avoid creasing in the wrist. It should be placed in themiddle of the palm, and not on the fingers, then the grip will be active, andthe exercise - not traumatic. A separate topic is the withdrawal of shells tothe head. Many believe that the exercise should be performed in a trajectory asclose to the neck as possible, but this is not so. Dumbbells should be loweredso that the chest ones stretch as much as possible and can contract in theanatomically prescribed amplitude for them. Parsing exercise Parsing exerciseWorking muscles The main mover is the major and minor chest muscles, tricepsand anterior deltoid. The biceps, back muscles, and partly dentate andtrapezius muscles help the movement. The legs work like stabilizers. Pros of dumbbellbench press Exercise does not require special preparation, if the biomechanicsof the upper body are violated, you can perform a bench press with lightdumbbells, even if the elbows bend differently, or the innervation is partiallybroken, or the chest muscles are damaged. Therefore, dumbbell presses are oftenincluded in rehabilitation programs.

  Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 4:46:29 AM

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