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ketobecause some nuts are really really good they're high in fat um moderateprotein you kind of want to find a ratio that's like two one so like two fat toone protein if it's switched then sometimes if you eat too much you're gettingtoo much protein in your diet but even asleep um that's fine Oh bear sorry ourpuppy is very high maintenance very high-energy I'm gonna get a frozen thingyes you might throw it off to the ground but that's okay if y'all hear anyweird funky noises it's crisp [Music] okay so moving on to supplements so okays Granite male enhancement 
o when you are eating vegan keto it can occasionally sometimes depending onwhat you're integrating into your actual diet be difficult what are you doinghe's too honest it's like raising a teenager like my um but it can be difficult

  Saturday, May 2, 2020 at 6:47:49 AM

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