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KetoFlux Reviews The incident light from the cornea and lens is imaged in sucha way that a sharp image is created in the photosensitive retina.By convertingit into electrical stimuli, the impressions reach the brain via the opticnerves, where they are processed accordingly. The pupil can regulate the amountof incident light by expanding or closing like a camera shutter.Two types ofphotoreceptor cells, called rods and cones , interact with the pupil to adaptto different lighting conditions and allow vision during the day and atdusk.The chopsticks in the eye are responsible for seeing in the dark. They areabout 500 times more sensitive to light than the cones, which perceive thecolors in brightness. If the function of the rods fails, it leads to adisturbed dark adaptation and thus to night blindness.
  Monday, July 8, 2019 at 2:24:12 AM

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