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Benefits of oatmilk iskaki and today we are going to be playing with some new makeup releases new tome from a to like do play well together they did pull the product the concealeroff of that spot that kind of annoys me but yeah I just don't like not used toputting this with me with my face and play gonna say that like 12 times in thisvideo so normally I will use a powder foundation to plug all of the spots thatI need to kind of cover up once I have all the powder on my face because a lotof times yeah when you do kind of work back into your foundation you'll knockthe concealer off of a blemish so I really need to cover something I will dothat so maybe we will actually crack into the powder foundation just to kind oflast minute you know cover some blemishes I'm having an improved change apartafter using that cream contour that is really really pretty so this is calledthe luminous cream bronzer stick again you get you get 9 grams of product inthat stick which is a lot and it's $35 and I have it in a shaped

  Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 7:11:49 AM

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