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giving healthy life ouphas a common goal and each member tries harder to achieve it. One day I sawsome children playing the puzzle together and everyone was struggling tocomplete it and they were doing their best. By focusing a little more, Irealized that they were the same children that I saw a few days ago fightingbetween them for something. This made me realize that outdoor play bringsempathy to the personality of children. They work together by forgetting allthe differences and resentments when they have to do it, and this isincredible!


Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. is a playground manufacturerthat has ruled the outdoor games market for more than a decade. The company iscommitted to creating one of the most reliable and quality commercial andresidential gaming systems to allow children of this generation the best chanceto grow up playing.

In Far, United States of America, a recent war has erupted: thewar against Monsanto, the food giant that leads the research and production ofgenetically modified foods, foods made using the activities of geneticallymodified organisms, GMOs. His Congress approved a bill that states that it isillegal to label food on the shelves of the market as a product of geneticallymodified organisms. The debate was that, given the overwhelming evidence thatgenetically modified foods are harmful to humans, and the government'sinsistence that only genetically modified foods are the best for the country,each food containing GMOs should be labeled so that Americans have a choicewhen deciding whether to buy GMF or naturally produced foods. In fact, inrecent times, several food recalls have been made on the shelf due to the factthat they were considered to have used undeclared chemicals in theirproduction.


The government has been at war with farmers who produce and selldirectly to

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