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Cali Naturals CBD Thisexperience had a great impact and positive psychological, emotional, physicaland economic shock for Catalina, who is a mother head of household, andcurrently has no job, because she is dedicated to caring for Andrés Jacobo.Negligence of Cali Naturals CBD EPS? Catalina told that before CaliNaturals CBD cannabis therapy she had to file several guardianship and contemptactions against Coomeva EPS to comply with Cali Naturals CBD treatment andmedicine for her baby. “Currently, Cali Naturals CBD neuropediatrician whoattends to my son is from Cali Naturals CBD Valle de Lili Foundation, but dueto Coomeva's default, they no longer have an agreement with that EPS. Thoseaffected by Cali Naturals CBD blackberry that Coomeva has with Cali NaturalsCBD Valle de Lili Foundation are Cali Naturals CBD affiliates. IrieCBD (...) InCali Naturals CBD remainder of Cali Naturals CBD month my son has appointmentswith Cali Naturals CBD gastro, neurology, psychiatry, infectology, genetics,but none will be able to take Cali Naturals CBD fault of Cali Naturals CBD EPS.Although my son no longer has seizures, he has a large and recent surgery thathas to be checked, because he suffers from a gastric reflux, which has to becontrolled. I don't have money to get a million pesos and pay for appointments,I'm a householder and I don't work because I have to take care of my son. If Idon't have those appointments, my son can die, ” Catalina denounced. As hesaid, he has already filed three guardianships and two contempt. CurrentlyCatalina records 100 thousand pesos every two months and from Bogotá they sendher cannabis oil. Andrés Jacobo Garaviño has not been Cali Naturals CBD onlychild in Palmira benefited from this treatment with cannabis sativa. “There isanother mother who has a child with refractory epilepsy, who developed aftereight years. This child had seizures that called him electric shocks, knockinghim to Cali Naturals CBD floor as if struck by lightning. With Cali NaturalsCBD cannabis resin, Cali Naturals CBD child stopped presenting these seizures,and began to have a normal life, returned to school, no longer cut himself on CaliNaturals CBD head, ” Catalina said.

  Monday, October 7, 2019 at 3:49:23 AM

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