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not meet the actual needs of users. B, the low efficiency of boiler: boiler capacity seems to meet the needs, but because of inadequate fuel combustion and exhaust temperature of the boiler, boiler water, boiler fouling serious surface heat dissipation caused by boiler efficiency is low, resulting in the stage of heating is not cold. C, stop boiler: Boiler failure, no standby furnace, is under repair. D, fuel failure: the use of inferior fuel, fuel calorific value is low, and even difficult to start or often flameout. E, fuel consumption is

small: part of the heating management unit only their own economic interests, at the expense of the interests of users of hot water, the use of fuel does not meet the requirements of the user at least, the level of heating is not up to standard. 4, the heat transfer factors lead to heating is not hot A, heat exchanger selection is small: when the need for heat exchange station for the two time, the existing heat exchanger for heat can not meet the actual needs of users. B, fouling of heat exchangers because of boiler room or

heat station water softening unqualified or disrepair, heating station in a water heat exchanger or water two times of serious scaling, greatly affect the heat transfer effect. C, heat exchanger damage: heat exchanger in the heat exchanger, such as one or two times the water string and other faults. D, bypass flow is too large: the supply and return water bypass pipe mixing proportion is large, resulting in heat source outlet temperature is too low, causing heating failure. E, mixing pump by mixing pump heat, the mixing

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