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holiday is also one of the reasons for the long renovation period of winter decoration. It is understood that workers generally leave the Spring Festival longer, usually about 15 days. 2, paint difficult to dry wall surface cracks caused by the instructions on the coating often indicate the construction of the ambient temperature should not be less than 5 degrees. If the temperature does not meet the requirements, in the plastering, scraping putty and other operations will be vulnerable to cold, resulting in hollowing in the future

and other quality problems. At the same time, the winter temperature is low, the sun will slow down the weak brushing surface drying rate. In the spring and autumn, brushing the wall is usually half a day to 1 day will be dry, but in winter you need to dry 1-2 days. In addition, due to dry climate in winter, the future wall is very easy to crack as small as hair. 3, easy to freeze the impact of cement bond strength As the winter temperature is low, easy to freeze the cement mortar, however, this state is not real solidification,

the bonding strength is not high. Because the temperature is low, there will be crushed ice in the cement mortar, when the ice will melt after the tile is not tightly bonded, which is led to the laying of low temperature tiles to the summer prone to shedding the main reason. 4, the harmful gas is not easy to release the decoration process will be more or less residual harmful gases, due to very little window ventilation in winter, therefore, harmful gases easily in the living room aggregation, difficult to release. In addition, the

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