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There are four races in ArcheAge you can choose from on your character creation for ArcheAge Gold. Two races per starting faction. While the races differ not only in appearance but in special racial abilities, the most important factor is the starting faction. Everybody on the opposing starting faction is your enemy but there are two exclusions to this. The first exclusion is the possibility to join the pirate faction where characters of both races can play together while both are pirates. The second exclusion is not yet in the EU/NA version of ArcheAge, but later you will be able to fund your very own faction that every race can join. In both cases, you will have to learn the other race’s language that is not only time but also gold consuming. So if you want to play together with a friend, you may want to choose the same starting faction.

After a lot of farming in depth five dungeons, I decided to make a list of where you can farm top tier gems. The following dungeons utilize first boss farming. To be considered a good farming spot, the boss needs to be fairly easy, give high tier gems and the lever to open the boss doors should most often be close to the lamp-- Thus making it very ideal for farming.

There are many animals that you can keep. For example, you can keep swine, cattle, and even poultry in your farm. You should note that different animals have different needs and give different products with different prices.You should also remember that it's your responsibility to protect your animals from danger.
One of the best animals to keep is a cow. To protect the cows from danger you should keep them in your pumpkin or safety zone around your house. To increase milk production, you should build your safety house in the temperate areas.In these areas you will be able to milk three times a day. To make gold you need to exchange milk for gold at NPC. You can also sell milk to the cooker players.

kill them and take the left into the unlit house, kill the 2 guys upstairs, run downstairs and take the 2 downstairs out at The wheelchair enemy seems to always drop 4 bullets. Head out the door, up the stairs and back to the lamp post, through the short cut gate
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