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Another material used to create the Thermood billboard is the one. Nowadays, Thermood is used for building different types of storefronts and building facades. Thermood is a type of solid pine wood which is obtained by the process of burning or semi-burning wood without any chemicals. The combustion process increases the resistance of Thermood wood to weather and environmental conditions and produces durable wood that is widely used in a variety of areas such as shop boards, kitchen cabinets, dry saunas, flooring, ceilings, interior walls and It has exterior and wooden windows and doors. Finland is a pioneer in the production of thermal wood by the Thermood method.

How to make Thermood wood:
In the initial process, the wood is cut to the desired shape and placed in a thermoduester to heat and dry the wood using high-temperature heating. Secondly, heat up the wood so that the moisture of the wood is completely removed and reach zero, the wood will remain at 180 to 220 ° C until all parts of the wood are light brown in color. Come . After this step, bring the temperature to 100 degrees Celsius to allow the wood to cool slightly, then inject water to bring the wood to room temperature. After these steps all the negative properties of the wood with the high heating process are eliminated and a large portion of the wood resin is removed and the remainder is converted to crystal and the cellulose chains become harmless. Its acids break down and free from any microscopic animals. Because of these hardwoods, Thermood wood is one of the best and most resistant to environmental and atmospheric conditions, as well as the appearance of deformation, and the price of Thermood wood varies. These woods are pre-installed with special Thermod paints that have over 20 color variations that allow the customer to choose the color.

There are two standard classes of Thermo-S Class and Thermo-D Class used for the production of Thermo Wood.

Class Thermo-s Method:
Wood produced by this standard is heated to 180 degrees Celsius and is mostly used in indoor environments such as flooring, doors and windows, furniture and saunas, depending on the ambient humidity level and its dimensions between 6 and 8 It has a percentage of inflation.

Class Thermo-D Method:
In this way, they raise the temperature of the wood and expose the wood to 220 degrees Celsius to strengthen it against all weather and humidity conditions and to provide adequate resistance to outdoor environments and outdoor areas. Needlework is used in walls, exterior doors, saunas, floors, chairs and green spaces, pavilions, gardens, florbacks, wooden shop boards and building facades and ranges from 5 to 6 percent. It will swell the humidity of the environment.

Benefits of Thermode:
high resistance


No resin


Resistant to rot and moisture

Free from any chemicals

Durability and long service life

Various colors

As mentioned, this type of wood is widely used today due to its high resistance to environmental factors and the creation of classical facades. When crossing the city streets you must have encountered the wooden signboard in the shops or facade of the wooden building, which are manufactured and installed in various forms due to the price of thermo and its quality.
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