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?Recently, the increasing proliferation of wood flooring family, green fry more and more hot, ordinary consumers still need to support the identification of authenticity, do not be fooled by the flicker of the seller to start buying. At present, the green for the flooring industry has become a very important topic, build bench on existing deckespecially since the recent issue of floor formaldehyde has been uproar, flooring products, environmental issues also make a lot of consumers are particularly worried about, in particular, we all think that wood flooring Really the most "green", which is true? Now nine are building materials to give you a list of a few people are not commonly used, but the environmental effects of good floor types. Plastic flooring is another name for PVC flooring, a very popular in the world today a new type of light-weight surface decoration materials, build bench seat indooralso known as "light body material." The main ingredients for the PVC material, PVC floor can be made of two, one is through the same heart, that is, from the end to the surface of the pattern material is the same. Wooden Outdoor Railings For StepsThere is also a composite, is the top layer is pure PVC transparent layer, plus the following printing layer and foam layer. PVC flooring because of its rich color, color and diverse and are widely used in all aspects of home and business. Plastic floor has always been low-cost, low-end impression. In recent years the rise of the simulation of plastic flooring, but in the United States, Germany, Canada and other developed countries popular. Plastic flooring because there is no need for glue bonding, do not need the same as the wooden floor, add anti-corrosion, decay of chemical drugs, the formaldehyde content of zero, and also non-toxic products, non-radiation, recyclable characteristics. Compared with the ordinary wood floor not only in environmental protection have an advantage. The cost of plastic flooring is only 1/3 of ordinary wood flooring, and more water, wear, slip, fire retardant, waterproof moisture, antibacterial, and seamless welding, environmental protection renewable, with super impact life and many more. Bamboo flooring, Consumer Reports Reviews Composite Deckinga new building materials, natural high-quality bamboo for the material, after high-quality process, off the juice juice, and then high-tech fight pressure, after three paint, and then made of drying. Bamboo flooring in terms of relative to other flooring, there is a huge advantage. First of all. Bamboo flooring to bamboo and wood, to avoid formaldehyde and other substances on the human body hazards; Secondly, bamboo flooring durable, and has a natural beauty of wood flooring and ceramic tiles of the two major advantages of durable.
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