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First, the requirements for the laying of the site 1, the price of wood flooring should be in the civil construction and decoration after the completion of construction plastic wood sheets prices; 2, the ground should be smooth, dry, no debris, no dust; 3, the floor space can be used under the price of space, Plastic Timbers Retaining Wall layout laying cables, circuits, waterways, air pipes and air conditioning systems should be completed before the installation of wood flooring; 4, large heavy equipment fixed base should be completed, the equipment installed in the base, how to build a fence gate in Qatarthe base height should be completed with the wooden floor surface height of the same; 5, the construction site with 220V / 50HZ power and water. Second, wood floor laying tools 1, marble cutting saws; 2, laser level detector, network laser scanner; 3, blister level, tape, ink line; 4, suction plate, nuts to adjust the hand, Phillips screwdriver; 5, vacuum cleaner, broom, ; Third, the construction steps 1, non slip decking in boatcarefully check the surface roughness and the vertical wall, if found to have significant defects or the need for local transformation should be made to the relevant departments of Party A; 2, pull the horizontal line, and the height of the wood flooring installation to the wall with the ink line to ensure that after the laying of the wooden floor in the same level, measuring the length of the room, width and select the base position, and erection of the ground support network Grid lines to ensure the laying of neat, beautiful, while minimizing the cutting of wood floors; 3, the bearing will be installed to adjust to the same height and the need to put the bearing grid at the intersection of the ground line; 4, with the installation of screws to the truss beam fixed to the bearing, and with the level of foot, rectangular ruler one by one to correct the truss, so that both in the same plane, but also perpendicular to each other; 5, with a suction plate in the assembled truss beams placed on the activities; 6, if the remaining size near the wall is less than the length of the movable wood floor, you can use the method of cutting wood flooring; 7, in the laying of wood flooring, with a blister level leveling block by piece, movable wood flooring height adjustable by bearing adjustment, the laying process should be gently, to prevent scratching the wood floor and damage to the side, while the edge laying Side cleaning, to avoid debris, dust left in the wood floor below; 8, in the engine room to install heavy equipment, can be installed in the base of the equipment under the wooden floor support to prevent wood flooring deformation; 9, HPL decorative panels need to cut or open processing, the opening concave angle should be made ??6 ~ ??8 only holes, to prevent the processing of wood floor decorative surface cracking.
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