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Wood flooring because of its natural texture and warm texture, building materials, home improvement has become one of many pro-gaze. However, if the floor is not paved well, can easily lead to the floor late rot, tilt and other issues, so we laid the floor in carpentry, must pay attention to check to see if there are any problems, such as problems are found, in a timely manner to resolve, in order to avoid post-processing up more trouble.

One problem: there is hollowing sound

The reason is not solid wood flooring fixed due mainly wool board and keel, less hair and the floor plate number was not strong nails or nail, sometimes because of the moisture content of the sheet caused by the change due to shrinkage or glue failure. Control methods in addition to strict inspection sheet moisture content, adhesive, such as quality, after passing inspection before use, nails should not be too small when installed outside, and shall ensure that nailed, each finished laying a wooden floor, with no sound after the test foot hold one, if the sound should immediately rework.

Second problem: the laying of surface irregularities

The main reason is the laying of the grass-roots or uneven wood floor deforms due to bagging. In laying the construction, application and acceptance level of foot, keel leveling the surface, if uneven laying skids should be adjusted. Ventilation should be done on a small groove keel. Laying plate margins should stay out of the wall 10 mm ventilation gap. Thermal insulation layer material must be dried to prevent postoperative damp floor bagging. Wood floor surface flatness error should be within 1 mm.

Question three: patchwork lax

In addition to the construction of the laying of irregularities, the width dimension sheet large errors and poor inro processing quality is also an important reason, in construction, in addition to carefully examine quality of the floor, but when installing tongue and groove plum should be tiled, in front nail cramp with the floor module slot die was unanimously after nailing.

Question 4: Local Alice drum

In addition to the main reason for the board to damp deformation, there are too small or seamless patchwork wool board, the use of water pipes leaking bubble wet floor caused. To stay 3 mm gap when installing wool board in construction, carved wood keel ventilation slots. After floor coverings, floor brushing paint film should be complete, daily use to prevent water from flowing into the lower portion of the floor, to clean up the water surface layer.

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I want to report their magazines listed wood flooring problems to update Eco Windows articles. Then we will get more knowledge on understanding their problems.
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