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Wood flooring is the use of high-grade bamboo, the strict selection, mobile home redo outside patio on you tubeproduction, bleaching, curing, dehydration, pest control, corrosion and other processes after processing, and then by high temperature, high-pressure hot glue surface into the surface of decorative materials. Maintenance methods are as follows: 1, to maintain indoor ventilation and dry environment Regularly to maintain indoor ventilation, can make the floor of the chemical substances as much as possible volatilization, How to Install Vinyl Fence on Hilly Slope Lotrow outdoors, but also can make the indoor humid air and outdoor exchange. Especially in the long-term no one living, maintenance of the case, the indoor ventilation is more important. Common practice is: often open the windows or doors, so that air convection, or the use of air-conditioning systems and ventilation systems, thereby creating a dry and clean indoor environment. 2, to avoid sun exposure and rain water Some of the house sun or rain directly into the room from the windows of the local area, which will harm the wood floor. The sun will accelerate the aging of the paint and glue, Recycled Material Park Bench Plansbut also cause the floor of the shrinkage and cracking. After the rain is wet, the bamboo absorbs the water to cause the expansion to distort, the serious also can cause the floor to mold. So in daily use to pay special attention to. 3, to avoid damage to the floor surface Wood flooring paint floor is the decorative layer, but also the floor of the protective layer, therefore, should avoid the impact of hard objects, sharp objects scratches, metal friction, chemicals can not be stored indoors. In addition, the indoor furniture in the handling, moving should be handled with care, furniture, foot pad should be put rubber skin. Public places, should be covered in the main channel carpet. 4, the correct cleaning care In the course of daily use, should always clean the floor, to keep the ground clean and sanitary. Recycled Bench Plans Cleaning, you can first use a clean broom to dust and debris sweep, and then wring the water wiping cloth wipe, such as the area is too large, you can wash the cloth mop, and then hang up dripping water droplets, used to Drag the ground. Can not be washed with water, can not use a wet cloth or mop to clean up. Usually if there is watery material spilled on the ground, should be immediately wipe dry with a dry cloth. If conditions allow, you can also play a layer of time interval between floor wax to strengthen the protection of the floor. If there is damage to the paint surface, you can use their own ordinary varnish or make up on the manufacturers to repair.
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