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Grow Extra Inches "Itdoesn't replace your gym routine, but it counts as exercise without adoubt." Sex burns an average of 5 calories per minute, 4 calories morethan watching television. Elevate your heart rate and put several muscles towork. So get to work!. You will want to make a space in your agenda to includegood sex sessions regularly. Both men and women to have sex, in an effort tohave a better sexual performance and please their partner, seek to have morepower and more passion. A little physical activity could be the spark you needto get that necessary energy. With these exercises you will not only have abetter body, but you will even improve your performance and sexualsatisfaction. Know them and start having healthy sex. This is an exercise thatvirtually everyone knows, excellent for toning the legs harden the muscles ofthe butt, but did you know that you can also get the blood flowing to placesthat can energize your libido? "Sometimes, your heart may wish to havesex, but the message does not reach the area of ??the 'southernhemisphere'" of the brain. “Many women need some help with physicalarousal to get blood circulation in the genital areas. Kegel exercises are wellknown, not only for their benefits for having sex, as it improves vaginalpleasure sensations, but for their good results in the therapy of urinaryincontinence and female orgasmic dysfunctions. In both men and women, theseexercises work on the pelvic floor and are increasingly indicated in sextherapies. It is recommended to do them in a sitting position, with the trunkslightly tilted forward. What should be done is a contraction similar to whatwe do when we hold the urine, but avoiding the movement of the buttocks,abdomen and legs.

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