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The main extrusion equipment, currently available for WPC extrusion equipment are single screw extruder, twin screw extruder. Single-screw extruder,outdoor patio flooring conventional single-screw extruder is not suitable for WPC molding process, this is because the single-screw extruder material conveying and plasticizing capacity is weak. Single-screw extruder is mainly by the transmission of friction,[url=http://wpcfloordecking.com/blog/waterproof-durable-outdoor-decking-price.html ]outdoor decking price[/url] because the wood powder structure fluffy, not easy to feed, and wood powder filling the polymer melt viscosity increases, increasing the difficulty of extrusion, resulting in material in the barrel residence time Longer, and its poor exhaust effect, can not be higher water content of plant fiber processing.

Therefore, the conventional single-screw extruder in the wood-plastic composite extrusion is subject to greater restrictions. WPC can be used for forming single-screw extruder must be specially designed screw, the screw should have a strong material handling and mixing capacity,High quality outdoor fence but also in the extrusion before the material is often mixed granulation. Twin-screw extruder, the main processing equipment for the current WPC for the twin-screw extruder, which is because the twin-screw extruder to rely on positive displacement principle of conveying materials,[url=http://wpcfloordecking.com/blog/anti-termite-outdoor-composite-decking.html ]outdoor composite decking[/url] no pressure reflux, feeding easy; exhaust effect, and can be fully excluded Wood powder in the volatile components; screw meshing with each other, a strong shear effect of the material mixing, plasticizing better.

When the amount of wood powder is relatively low,cheap outdoor fence the residence time of the material in the twin-screw is short, and no wood flour is burnt. Therefore, due to the twin screw extruder good feeding, mixing effect, can be used to produce WPC powder.[url=http://wpcfloordecking.com/blog/low-maintenance-outdoor-wall-panel.html ]outdoor wall panel[/url] Twin-screw extruder can be divided into the same direction parallel twin-screw extruder and different cone-type twin-screw extruder.

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