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thingsthat everyone is blaming on implants and I'm sorry if you've gotten in themovie and you feel better like more power to you but you guys your mind isn'tmore powerful that you know did you get that anyway sorry guys my karma diet Idon't remember what I was saying but just get to your core oh and right thoseare all of my tips that is how I've lost 40 pounds in the last 7 months there'sanother bit preface you have to keep in mind it has been seven months I knowthat on the internet you're not getting the full concept of time because Idon't post every day you don't see my stuff every day I went there periodswhere I deactivated my Instagram accounts you guys don't know the time it isn'tseven months that I've lost 40 pou Velofel nds so like I already said you can't look atsomeone's progress when they're here and you're starting here you can't compareyourself to that person stop comparing you're off the scale just be healthy Iweigh myself once a week I keep track of my weight as far as it dates and stuffjust for me just so I know it's been about five pounds a month I'm at in thisvideo

  Monday, June 1, 2020 at 5:50:35 AM

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