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These are the accessories trends 2013/2014

The winter season is 2013/2014 and thus also new trends for accessories andCo. Quite often the right accessories make the outfit only interesting and aboveall, they ensure that the simple chic winter coat from last year, even in winterCheap Oakleys2013/2014 and can look trendy. You have to choose just the right sound, theright hat and matching gloves of course.

At the gloves, is also considered that they are finally functional andprevail especially gloves that have incorporated metal threads in thefingertips, so that smartphones can also operate without fumbling for Shellingthe gloves from the fingers. The helplessness that you last so ratherexperienced as an infant, given the mittens on tape, now is so overcome for thenext generation and you can start the beautiful knitted gloves, while you make acall or a SMS writes. Alternatively you can buy gloves where the fingertips arefree - of course that is not quite as warm. Hybrid models cover the fingertipswhen needed with a common cap - so you can switch between free fingers andmittens.

Send Fake oakleysCaps, chic scarves

Applies for the winter 2013/2014 that you may put on caps on volume. ThankGod: It is warm. Because the thick knitted caps offer, no matter what material,comfortable heat. Also modern: seemingly thin caps cashmere. Although not holdas much wind as from its robust and thick colleagues, but see a lot of chic andwarm at least but even without wind. In addition, here exciting patterns areoften knitted; CheapOakley the thicker caps are usually crocheted or grab theever-popular Norwegian pattern.

Scarves should choose suitable for cap, especially because a simple outfitloses immediately if the accessories have not coordinated. The colors shouldtherefore also fit together like the materials. Loops make a fashion statement,so you can dig out the back in the winter 2013/2014 from last year or buy new inthe trend colors Camel or plum.

Noble Fake oakleywood, noble wood jewelry

There are also very delicate works of art of wood, made with greatdifficulty. Mostly, these little gems are even worked by hand and thus getadditional value. A chain with various small wooden beads can represent thedarker counterpart of a pearl necklace and just this year wooden jewelry shouldmake a very good figure.

Because wood can be also very good with gemstones and combine so you canthrough the combination of wood and Emerald, the fashion color in 2013, not onlyhis sense of fashion but also a certain depth or attachment to nature toexpress. Fake oakleysunglasses Other combinations result in other effects that aredependent on the color of the stone, especially selected. Of course the wooditself plays in the wooden jewelry but also a special role: From the dark toneof the cherry to light oak there is almost natural rainbow colors of wood, sothat mother and daughter agree without really, but can show up in matchingoutfits.

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