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Stainless steel has a magnetic look at why it Small household appliances in thesupermarket area will always see some customers to buy stainless steel kitchenutensils, holding a magnet to suck in the stainless steel containers to smoke.Asked him, why use the magnet suction. He said that the magnet is sucked on thestainless iron, not on the suction of stainless steel, good stainless steel nomagnetic. In fact, this is not accurate.Stainless steel wire suppliers Stainlesssteel to see why the magnetic iron and steel is the amount of carbon content todistinguish. Carbon content of 2% or less of iron-carbon alloy is steel, carboncontent of 2% or more is called iron. For stainless steel, regardless of whetherthe magnet sucked or not, as long as meet the quality standards, are stainlesssteel. The main element of corrosion-resistant stainless steel is chromium.Steel with a chromium content of 10.5% or more is less likely to rust. Smeltingalloy elements added to the different, there will be a magnet on the suction andnot on the difference between the suction.8k stainless steelsheet for metal Stainless steel generally by organizational structure can bedivided into austenite, ferrite, martensite and other broad categories. If youadd to the molten steel with a small proportion of nickel (or nickel), made ofsteel is the magnet Sucked on the stainless steel, also known as ferriticstainless steel; martensitic stainless steel is the main alloying elements ofchromium, iron and carbon. In addition to austenitic stainless steel magnet isnot on the suction, the ferrite, martensitic stainless steel has a magnetic.
  • superduplex stainless steel welded tubes 316 According to the content pointsthere are two kinds of stainless steel is not on the magnet suction, a highnickel content of stainless steel magnets do not smoke, but because of thiselement rare high prices. There is also a high manganese content of nickel ornickel-free stainless steel. This stainless steel market price higher thannickel-containing stainless steel per ton lower than 1,000 yuan. So thestainless steel with magnetic not judge its good or bad standard. Usually 304stainless steel tube is austenitic stainless steel, non-magnetic, but after somebending kink and so will change with weak magnetic, and 304 stainless steelwhich also contains manganese and nickel, the magnet does not suck, butmagnetic.18-8stainless steel tubing
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