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If the floor somewhere on the foot of foot, and then step on the sound, Composite Decking Wholesaler continuous so, it must be Wooden Dragon and the ground between the tenon is not fixed, or dowel material is too soft and not difficult, to. If there is a place to stepped up sometimes there will be sound, sometimes not, this situation is mostly the floor nail is less than solid wood flooring hole hole, the male and female floor between the gap caused by loosening, (and the quality of the floor itself has a relationship) , Half of the people after the renovation, the floor when the floor will be more or less sound, but the location of different Bale. There is little way to deal with the sound of the floor, even after treatment to ease the problem,purchase front garden fence or can not be completely cured. To completely cure there is a way to re-fasten the earth, reload the floor, it is really a waste of labor cost of headache, no one is willing to counterattack. Only in the installation of the dragon and the floor before, pay attention to the following processes and methods, the floor will not sound: 1, the installation of the ground before the dragon is generally used 12mm hammer drill hole, then the wooden tenon at least more than 18-20mm square wooden tenon compaction is useful, not very easy to lay down the hole to go a few days a wooden tongue and a drying contraction On the; 2, ramming the tenon material is harder than the earth dragon, wood hard shrinkage force is small,wpc floor boards wholesale in Norway the earth dragon is not easy to pull up the wooden mortise, to maintain stability; 3, a room floor height difference of several centimeters, then carpenter master in the earthworm below will pad some knife-shaped cork or three plywood and the like, to ensure that the dragon level, then do not forget, pad 2.5 Centimeters above the ground between the dragon, must be marked with a short dragon to each other fixed to prevent the earthworm around the rocking pendulum swing, in order to ensure the ground dragon solid; 4, the installation of solid wood flooring drilling, the aperture must be smaller than the floor nails,Boat Deck Material so the floor before eating nails; 5, the wall around the reserved 1 cm above the floor of the contraction joints, in order to avoid climate change or moisture content of the floor does not match the expansion of arch, which most people know.
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