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Solid wood floor, by definition, the use of wood flooring is solid. Due to the characteristics of wood itself, strong plasticity, suitable for making soft curve shape of the furniture, so the wood floor in the northern dry areas it can also show its stable performance and easy maintenance.

1. The solid wood floor horizontally, observe details, wood floors and meticulous obvious fibrous structure is real wood materials.

2. Solid wood floor wood flooring commonly used flat lock design, with two reviewers do mosaic floor test, a floor that is fit buckle, stitching is very convenient.

3. The wood itself contain glue, wood density is so high, waterproof performance should be relatively good.

4. Place a small amount of water on the floor surface and let stand 1 minute, no diffusion was observed drops, drops full, shows that solid wood floor surface waterproof ability is very good.

5. Floors in the living room of the ground situation by friction is inevitable. Reviewers with a key to the smooth surface scratch back and forth floor surface, was observed to be scratched at no obvious scratches, so the solid wood floor surface scratch resistance ability is also good.

6. After a series of solid wood floor test can be seen, the performance of the floor are good, to meet the basic requirements for home use. The advantage of this is that the appearance of the floor fresh and beautiful, affordable price. Furthermore, since the characteristics of the wood itself, and its stability is also very good, so it is suitable for this floor like wood furniture experience, young fashion use.

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