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I've had several instances where a player has Maplestory M Mesos for sale been afk the entire match of One Card, and even a few games in which all 3 of my opponents were afk. This drags on the game much too long and often times the game just stops. No cards have been played with anybody and the only way to play a different sport is to quit and get a 10 minute ban for "cheating". There are many other games that offer this feature, I think that it will be of much help in Star Planet. There obviously could be individuals who abuse this, however I find it doing a lot more good than bad.

It happens when someone chooses a colour (later playing a Colour Change or Irena card) overly slow. The sport will time out, 11 minutes after the cards have been dealt, and you'll get points as for a maximum-length game.

If you quit you get no issues and can't play for 10 minutes anyway, so you are better off staying in the match and hoping everyone else does also. Because if one person stops, the sport gets partly unstuck: gamers still can't click on their cards, but turns do go from one to another and also the AI plays for everyone. And at the end (which generally happens at exactly the identical 11-minute timeout) the game punishes everybody for "AFK'ing" because they didn't play their cards and let the AI do it to them...

In terms of out voting people: no.It would mean that anybody who is down to a card would get kicked out by the other three, who might not be buddies but are in agreement that they don't need him winning.As Loonacm explained, the match itself needs to be stricter with AFK'ers. So, it should just kick them out, rather than continuing to perform for them after awaiting their ends out.BTW, in my experience, there aren't that many AFK'ers. Lots of botters, but the robots do perform, so they are much less of an annoyance. A few of the bots don't draw from the deck, so if they don't have a card to play with their turn drags on, but that is not quite as bad as someone who never plays immediately. Nobody gains anything from truly AFK'ing, so individuals do not do this on purpose anymore.

This is largely about the Madhouse Maplestory 2 Mesos, however, it applies to a lot of events in Maple, that have a part of RNG and restricted attempts. An event needs to have a means to make sure everybody wins, provided they strive hard enough.
  Wednesday, January 2, 2019 at 9:07:49 PM
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