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Self-tinting lenses: SWORD WITHOUT THE SUN ENJOY

Photochromic glasses are comfortable and smart. At a different UV radiationthey automatically adjust to the changing light conditions and protect from Fake Ray Bans sunlight. Weshow why photochromic lenses are ideal for eyeglass wearers.

Eyeglass wearers have it in the summer not easy: you have to wear sunglasseswith correction values in for the case. However, this was forgotten once, it canbe painful and harmful to the eyes. If it is too bright and the wearer has noprotection for the eyes, so constrict the pupils, the lids are screwed up andhis eyes begin to tear. At high intensity of UV rays can even lead toinflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea - and that's not only annoying, butalso dangerous indeed.

HOYA lenses Sensity CheapOakleys

With photochromic lenses wearers can see perfectly during the day and nightand in sunlight and shadow and no need to switch the glasses. Reliable helper inthis area include the Sensity HOYA lenses. They are characterized by theso-called stabilizer Light Technology. The wearer can thus be in any climate, inany season and at any occasion and still enjoys the highest protection againstharmful UV radiation.

Dave Cheap OakleyCanterbury makes fire

Photochromic lenses that protect against harmful solar radiation, HOYA hasimpressively demonstrated on the basis of an entertaining virals. It accompaniesDave Canterbury, the survival experts from the American Documentary series DualSurvival in a forest. There he is exposed to various survival situations andshows ways to make fire: with hands, feet and even with his beard. But when hetried it with spectacle lenses, it gets surprisingly, the full effect ofphototropic glasses to feel. For this bundle rather than amplify the sun's raysas conventional glasses, but keep the radiation from so much that can be justkindle no fire.

Constant protection with Fake RayBan rapid change

The special feature of both modern photochromic lenses is that they veryquickly adapt to changing light conditions, without that it perceives the wearerat all. For while it outside darken in time and quickly, they light in enclosedspaces just as quickly. The UV protection will remain as part of the changeprocess from light to dark and vice versa always constant. So a carefreesunbathing is guaranteed and glasses can relax and enjoy the weather.

Modern and stylish

However, the HOYA Sensity glasses are not only functional, but also stylish.Whether chic, sporty or classic - they appear in plain gray and a conspicuousbrown. So they not only guarantee a natural color perception, but also attachedto any outfit. Of course, we also offer photochromic lenses for your sunglasses.We adapt to your individual prescription and ensure that you can always andeverywhere to see clearly.

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