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The wood flour used in the technology of wood-plastic is generally free from the strict requirements. All kinds of wood powder and all kinds of plant fiber can be used in general (the sawdust produced in the wood processing and the scraps can be crushed).outdoor floor The impact of processing is not large, mainly requires a variety of wood powder particle size is generally 20 to 100 mesh, on this basis, to ensure that wood flour and plastic mixing before drying.[url= ]outdoor floor[/url] General wood powder moisture content should be controlled within 3%. Drying equipment can be used electric heating, microwave drying can also be used or natural drying.

It should be noted that, in the use of extruder with exhaust function, especially the twin-screw extruder processing of wood materials,Cheap balcony flooring wood powder can not be special drying treatment, just natural drying can be directly under the sun To perform extrusion processing. Surface treatment: Grafting is an effective modification method, which can graft the plant fiber before or during the compounding process.[url= ]Cheap outdoor decking[/url] Grafted plant fibers such as maleic anhydride, isocyanates and the like can be used.

Interfacial coupling: Interfacial adhesion is altered by the formation of covalent bonds with the plant fiber by a coupling agent. Such as the use of silane coupling agent,WPC installation titanate coupling agent, aluminate coupling agent, such as fiber processing to improve the compatibility of fiber and resin. The optimum amount of coupling agent is related to the extent of coupling agent on the surface of wood powder particle. If the amount of coupling agent is too small, because the filler surface of the coating is not complete,[url= ]moisture outdoor flooring[/url] it is difficult to form a good coupling molecular layer, not the ideal coupling and compatibilization.

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