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1, the advantages

Wear: common paint ornaments around 10 to 30 times more than the floor.

Appearance: available computer simulation and a variety of wood grain patterns, colors.

Stability: completely broken up the original wood tissues, undermining the characteristics of anisotropic shrinkage and swelling, the size of a very stable, especially for the system to warm the room.

In addition, impact resistance, anti-static, anti-pollution, light resistance, resistance to cigarette ignition, easy installation, simple maintenance and so on.

2, disadvantages

Blisters after irreparable damage, foot feeling worse.

Of particular note is that in the past had dealers said strengthening of the floor is "waterproof floor," this is only for the purposes of the surface, in fact, the only use of laminate flooring is to avoid blisters.

The difference between laminate flooring and solid wood flooring

1, aspects of deformation

Solid wood flooring natural wood raw material, not processed, natural, naturally receiving timber peculiar nature, easily bagging, deformation. The processed composite floor generally does not appear such phenomena.

2, wear aspect

Solid wood flooring in terms of wear resistance is not very good, and the flooring, the parquet and laminate flooring abrasion wear resistance is also far from. Laminate flooring added some special ingredients, so in terms of wear resistance far more than ordinary wood floor.

3, environmental protection

Natural wood solid wood flooring is of course the best environmentally friendly products, and composite floor more or less have to use some additives, so the indicators are beyond formaldehyde wood floor.

the article come from:Outdoor Carpeting Over Concrete Patio

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