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If anyone knows that they have an illness with appendicitis Should consult a doctor for treatment as soon as possible.  joker123 Because if left untreated, it can be very serious, causing the appendix to rupture and lead to death. Handicraft of appendicitis to give the patient an initial knowledge of the disease and its treatment.

Diagnosis Appendicitis
The general appendix is ??approximately 0.5 cm x 5 cm, or the size may vary. When anything comes to fill the inside of the appendix. Will cause inflammation, most likely it will be a small hard stool. Appendicitis Is a disease that requires urgent treatment It is most common in adults. And children with the following symptoms

Abdominal pain: Initially, there may be pain around the navel, a dull pain. Later moved to more pain in the lower right stomach.
Other symptoms may be observed: nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, or in some cases diarrhea.
Fever: In the early stages there may be no fever. Later, when the inflammation is prolonged, a fever may occur.
Methods of diagnosis by a doctor

Physical examination

By pressing on the lower abdomen on the right side, the pain increased. When the doctor released his hand from the abdomen
Laboratory diagnosis

Blood test for white blood cell count Which will be higher in cases with inflammation or infection
Urine tests to check for abnormalities of the urinary tract with appendicitis-like symptoms, such as ureteral stones, urethritis.

Ultrasound to detect abnormalities in the abdomen Abnormal size of appendicitis can be found. Or have an inflammatory condition
Computer X-ray (CT Scan) in case the ultrasound is not clear. Which can detect other anomalies

Objectives of the procedure
Prevent the occurrence of gastric abscess (Abscess), abdominal inflammation. (Peritonitis) or infection in the bloodstream (Sepsis).

How to treat patients for Handicraft appendicitis
Appendicitis treatment

In cases where the symptoms are clear Urgent surgical treatment is recommended after preparation. The patient to be ready And suitable for general anesthesia
In cases where the symptoms are unclear But I suspect it may be this disease To get them to observe symptoms in the hospital to closely monitor and assess symptoms without water and food. And may also use antibiotics
In cases with symptoms for several days or found a lump in the lower right abdomen And there are indications that the appendiceal phlegmon or Abcess should be treated by a supportive method with antibiotics, if the abdominal pain gets better or the lump is smaller, surgery can be performed after 6 weeks - 3 months or may consider having an appendectomy at the surgeon's discretion.
Surgical treatment

Standard surgical methods The surgery will be a small incision 2-3 cm long on the right lower abdomen. If the appendix is ??in Abnormal position or obese patients, the surgical wound may be longer.

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