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During warm-up, the pulse should be no more than 60% of the maximum rate. During the main training, the heart rate should be about 65 - 75% of the maximum value. Tracking metrics.Experts advise keeping a diary of all workouts, in which you need to record the distance traveled, heart rate, number of calories burned, your condition and other physiological indicators. Properly selected clothing. Clothing should be light and not hamper movement. For training, shorts for cyclists and a sports shirt are suitable. If desired, gloves can be used for better grip. Shoes choose non-slip and with hard soles. Sneakers or sneakers are quite suitable. General recommendations Start your workout with a warm-up to warm your muscles. Finish the workout also with a warm-up so that the warmed muscles return to a state of rest. You need to breathe smoothly and only through the nose. During an illness or illness, refrain from exercise. The optimal time for training In the choice of time, focus on the biorhythms of your body. Larks are better off training in the morning, and owls in the afternoon. After waking up and before the workout, several hours should pass. You should not sit on an exercise bike less than 2 hours before bedtime. After eating, 90 minutes should pass, only then you need to start the exercises. 60 minutes before starting work on the simulator, you should not smoke, drink coffee or take medicine. If you feel thirsty during exercise, take a sip of water or rinse your mouth. Drinking plenty of water is not recommended. During the workout, work with the muscles that will be involved in the main training.
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