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Not only for Poser and business students - The Polo Shirt

Better dressed as a T-shirt, but less stiff than a shirt: This Polo shirtfits on the golf course, in the office, but also for barbecue in the evening.The hybrid of the fashion world but Ralph Lauren OutletOnline is popular not only with men.

It is shrouded in fashionable legends about who actually invented the poloshirt. After the well-known idea of the short-sleeved shirt and means Dingsbetween shirt is part of the jerseys, once supported the Indian aristocrats totheir jodhpur pants. But while this may be a fashion legend certainly, one isconsidered safe: inventor of the modern polo shirt is the French tennis playerRene Lacoste, who designed those shirts in 1933. Lacoste incidentally had thenickname "crocodile" and just such became the logo of the brand.

Today Polos are indispensable especially in men's fashions, they exist frommany vendors. ?Polos are the splash of color in so many men wardrobe - and afavorite piece in the summer because cotton pique is highly absorbent andtherefore pleasant at high temperatures", calls the style expert CatherineStarley from Wiesbaden reasons for the popularity of the shirts. "In men with atrained upper body, it is nice if Polo Ralph Lauren OutletOnline the polo shirt sitting narrow and bear the cuffs of thesleeves tight or even just ends above the biceps. Women look like down there."Contrast men should be better to leave it with untrained arms.

Are polo Ralph LaurenOutlet shirts made of high quality and act as they fit well with afine cloth pants for casual business look. Good colors are sorted by color typesounds from all over the Rotpalette of brownish red burgundy over to cherry andmedium blues and greens, provided that they are one, finds Starley. So-callednon-colors such as black and white can appear an often lifeless. "Beige tonesare just at the beginning of the season, when the skin is still pale,unfavorable."

But even with the women's polo shirt has now become established - and isalready considered a true classic, if you want to exude stylish permeability."In addition, the Polo is a great alternative to the blouse and in summer alsovery practical," is the personal shopper Stephanie Zarnic from Munich. Sheadvocates deliberately use this garment in a classic casual outfit.

This looks like their hamburgers colleague Maria Hans a little differently:"The line between boring and classic is very narrow especially in this garment."She advises, must put a witty counterpoint. "It can be a striking chain, whichcan also be a fun hairstyle," says the stylist. "The main thing, it evaluatesthe Polo to trendy."

Important in the selection is always quality. "The trouble is at Polos thatyou so often any label leads a walk because Polos are also popular advertisingmedium," says fashion consultant Catherine Starlay. "And because promotionalproducts Polo RalphLauren Outlet are produced as cheaply as possible just to be happy,then you have the trouble with drawing seams, quickly washed fibers and a sloppylook." They therefore regarded as a Best Buy together: "Polo shirts shouldtherefore always well made, never be cheap and - if ever - have a well-craftedembroidery, which does not warp even in the laundry. "

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