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Las Vegas Signage:
With the advent of sophisticated devices, the number of types of bold letters that can be implemented on billboards is being added day by day. Lasaglia or Lertilite is one of the newest types of lettering in the signboard industry and has a very beautiful visual effect. The letters are made of ferrous metal and are made in a variety of designs and colors in a furnace, oily or electrostatic color, and the iron plate is bonded to the letter plate by laser welding, and then to the form and by fully automatic devices. Customized shape and used as a shop or shop sign. The design of the Lasagossa letters is such that the workpiece is positioned between two edges, exactly in the middle of the edges, and for illumination it also creates holes in the workpiece to accommodate LED or SMD lamps. Neon lamps can also be used to illuminate Las Vegas letters. In the lighting of these letters the appearance, the dimensions and the way they are exposed are different. In the design of the Lasagna letters the color of the letters varies with the color of the letters, and the diameter and color of the letters are determined according to the installation and taste of the customer.
Las Vegas Highlights:
It's not too long before the Las Vegas signboard comes into the signboard industry, and it's inspired by some of the Las Vegas signboards. The reason for the popularity of these boards is because of their innovative style of lighting and design, which gives the city a very beautiful visual appearance and attracts more customers so that one of the tourist attractions of Las Vegas is because of its Billboards are splendid.

Steps to Build a Las Vegas Highlight:
To build lasaggio boards, it is first determined in formal applications such as the curl distance between the lamps and their number. Then, depending on the type of work and customer request, the work is selected which can be plexiglass, metal or steel. It is usually 0.6 to 1 millimeter stainless steel or acrylic glass tube that is attached to a plexiglass of the desired color. Laser cutting is used to cut the letters, and the edges are either made of metal or steel of different thicknesses, depending on the customer's order and the type of panel selected by the panelist. To illuminate the letters, they are placed in the areas specified in the software and the lamps are closed and the lamps are wired and the wiring works are carried out and the light is applied directly to the acrylic screen and the screen illuminates. Provides letters. They use PVC sheets for lettering.

The most important difference between Lasagna highlights and other highlights:
The difference is in the number and arrangement of the letter lamps, which can be done in two ways:

Method 1) In this method the lamps are placed between the edge of the work and inside the letters.

Method 2) In the second method, the procedure is leveled with the edges and then the bulbs are placed where the bulbs can be seen prominently and protruding from the surface.

Both methods have their own beauty and one of the two methods is chosen according to the client's taste and the type of work.

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