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Laminate flooring maintenance is relatively simple to use, in everyday use, as long as the note the following, we can guarantee the normal use of the floor.

1, keep the floor dry and clean, do not rinse with plenty of water, pay attention to the floor to avoid long-term local flooding. If the floor with grease and stains, attention should be clear, you can use mild household neutral detergent warm water is treated, preferably with the floor supporting the special floor cleaning liquid to clean protection. Do not use alkaline, soapy water and other corrosive liquid contact with the floor surface, but do not use gasoline and other flammable materials and other high-temperature liquid to wipe the floor.

2, laminate flooring does not require waxing and paint, do not use sandpaper polished. Because laminate flooring is different from the solid wood flooring, its surface was relatively smooth, brightness is relatively good, waxing the rather superfluous, self-defeating. The degree of wear-resistant laminate flooring is also quite good, we only need to follow the first step of the method can achieve the effect of long-term maintenance.

3, it is recommended to place kicking at the door rub pad, to prevent dust into, damage to the floor; overweight items should be stable resting place; do not drag when moving furniture to lift move appropriate.

4, stains and grease the floor surface to clean it with a household cleaner, do not use a lot of water to clean the floor. Floor surface in case of stains, generally is not dripping tide mop dry. If coated with chocolate, oil, juice, beverage, just wipe with warm water and neutral detergent. If they are contaminated lipstick, crayon, ink, etc., methanol or acetone can be used to gently wipe.

5, dry area, increase the humidity in winter should pay attention to the floor surface with a damp mop to appropriately increase the surface humidity, can effectively solve the generation gap and the floor cracking. Individual locations as cracking, please notify the sales unit, the local padded handle. After filling, the appropriate increase in surface humidity, the floor in order to facilitate recovery.

6, floor to try to avoid strong direct sunlight and artificial light for a long time high temperature baked, so as not to dry the floor surface in advance and aging. Rainy season to shut the windows, in order to avoid the rainy wet floor. At the same time pay attention to indoor ventilation, distribution of indoor moisture to maintain normal room temperature but also conducive to extend the life of the floor.

Here are a clean light colored laminate flooring tips: Taomi with a cloth dipped wipe directly on the floor, or rice water evenly sprayed on the wooden floor (not too much), wipe with a dry cloth for 5 minutes, clean the floor will be many."

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