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In the end there is no flood damage are not afraid of the floor? How to decide when to buy waterproof? Installation and construction there precautions do? Distinguish types of anti-laminated wood Because the different materials, solid wood flooring and laminate flooring are immersed in water treatment is also a slight gap. If a large area of soaked wood floors, wood floors shall promptly notify the service department, carefully pry the wood flooring, flooring manufacturers warned that even as soon as the floor surface of the water to dry, then superimposed display, use to produce laminated weight to prevent deformation. He also suggested that, when placed in the floor to pay attention to the back up to prevent surface due to rapid drying caused by dry, while paying attention not on the sun exposure, it should be placed in ventilated place to dry, after one to two weeks depending on restore the situation before deciding whether to use it again. If you do not strengthen the floor soaked in water for more than 12 hours, furniture can be pushed to the floor, try not to step on the pressure, and quickly drained floor surface water, such as with a dry cloth to wipe the entire surface of the floor water damage. Then quickly remove the baseboard floor, exposed joints, expansion joints against water vapor distributing finished, drying usually takes a week or so, the quality is better or soaking time is not long to restore their own products. If a small area of laminate flooring soaked in water for too long, flooring material expansion coefficient is too large, it is difficult to restore, you can use the partial replacement of the settlement is, after prying re-buy the same brand, same type of floor laying. the article come from: maybe you also like:
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