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At present, the exact cause of this disease is unknown. Therefore, there is no good drug for this particular disease. or a treatment that is a hundred percent effective But the doctor treats the symptoms, such as giving laxatives in patients with constipation as the predominant symptom or giving anti-diarrhea drugs if diarrhea is the predominant symptom. Give intestinal muscle spasms. to help reduce stomach pain Therefore, the results of the treatment are still not good, the patients are not cured, but the current drug is invented for treatment. Which in the past has had satisfactory results. But will have to do further research. in order to obtain the most effective drug

Food for relief from IBS
Avoid fatty foods such as

all kinds of meat
duck skin chicken skin
milk cream butter
plant milk
Should eat foods that contain fiber or fiber (fiber) to reduce the symptoms of the disease. It will help the intestines contract or contract to reduce. In addition, the heart also helps to absorb water in the stool. This makes the stool less hard and easier to pass.

Recommended foods include:
All kinds of bread, whole-grain
Fruits and vegetables (eating foods high in fiber or May cause bloating, gas in the stomach, but only during the first 1-2 weeks, the body will adjust on its own)
You should also eat little by little but eat more often. Should not eat until very full. Because the water will stimulate stomach pain and diarrhea easily.

avoid fatty foods By eating foods that contain carbohydrates such as starch and sugar to increase. You should also avoid drinking all kinds of alcohol, coffee, pickles, soft drinks, and certain drugs, which can make your symptoms worse. Stress is one factor that provokes increased intestinal contraction. should relax put your mind at ease Get enough rest for your whole body. This is considered an important part of the care of IBS patients as well.

most patients despite continued treatment But it's just to relieve symptoms. Prevent the spread and support the symptoms from getting worse. The best way is to keep visiting your doctor for appointments. When there are abnormal symptoms, no matter how minor, do not be complacent. should be diagnosed immediately.

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